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There is always the risk of having something on your vehicle fail when running a trail.  Keeping your Jeep in good repair can go a long way in helping to ensure you don't break down out in the middle of nowhere.  YJ John took an almost impossible line up the third obstacle.  I am not sure it was impossible, but I can tell you that his rear drive shaft u-joint decided it was.  It blew while he was attempting to get up on the shelf.  I snapped a couple of photos of it before we started fixing it.  I should say that between all of us there, we had more than enough tools and spare u-joint parts to put a good one back together.  You see, there is a good reason to always take your Jeepin' buddies with you on the trail!


Here is a shot of John's rear drive shaft.  This is one of those views that you hope you never have to see.  John was lucky when this one went.  The caps on the u-joint failed.  When everything came apart, the pinion yoke on the differential was not damaged.  So, it was just a matter of taking the old u-joint out of the



I told John to turn around and smile, so he did!  Actually, he was pretty much smiling all during the u-joint swap out.  John is an excellent driver and a great spotter.  He took me through an obstacle on Tax Collector and I came out with all of my paint, body panels, etc.  

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