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With the u-joint repair behind us (and most of my ham & cheese sandwich), we headed down the hill one last time and on to Table Mesa Road.

Now one thing that became readily apparent was that our starting location was on the east side of the freeway while the spot on Table Mesa Road where we were suppose to finish at was on the opposite side of the freeway.  

Not to worry....there was a rather large (about 10'x10') cement culvert that ran under the lanes of the north bound freeway traffic.  We cautiously entered the big dark tunnel, seeing light at the opposite end and hearing the rumbling of traffic overhead.  

I was first into the tunnel and so I hopped out to see what we were up against when  I got near the end.  We had a 3 foot drop to the ground to contend with followed by a little boulder field just to make it interesting.  Someone(s) before us had stacked a few rocks under the ledge which made it possible to get down without ripping off the rear bumper, tire carrier, etc.


U-joint John exits the tunnel (oh....did you notice that we no longer call him YJ John?  Yep, after the u-joint failure on Appetizer, and today's espisode, it was decided that he was much more suited to this name.)


Larry finishes up a line out of the pile of rocks that litter the trail where you exit the tunnel.  There are quite a number of ways to pick your way through the various rubble.


Once Larry, Brent, and myself were through, Dion decided to find a more challenging route (doesn't he always?).  He found that some of these rocks, even though they are quite big, would roll around after getting a tire on top of them.  This added to the challenge and provided more fun for the spectators, spotters, and general advice givers (we all traded these jobs on a moments notice, much to Dion's dismay).


Brent manages to flex up his TJ pretty good as he climbs out of the tunnel and heads across the rocks.  His 35" MT/Rs, 4.5" RE lift, and belly-up skid plate  provided him with great clearance and he made it through with no problems at all.

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