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Arizona "Local Resident" Alert


It is bound to happen.  If it has not happen to you yet, it will.  It is not a matter of if it happens, it is only a matter of when will it happen.  What am I talking about?


By the side of the road (78K)


In the middle of the picture, just where the dirt meets the brush line, you will see a slightly blurred dark object.  It looks out of focus, but it really is not.  It is the noisy end of a small diamondback rattlesnake.  The tail vibrates so fast that it blurs the picture.  Just above it, slightly under the brush, is the body of the snake.  You can see some of the diamonds, kind of a black and yellow pattern.  It is coiled and ready to strike.

This was taken about 4 feet from my Jeep during a trail ride in October, 1999.  We knew the snake was there when we stopped as it had been sunning itself in the middle of the trail and we saw it as we approached.  It slithered off to the side, slightly under the brush, when we rolled to a stop to look at it.

If you can't see it very clearly.....good.  Unless you hear them in the wild, you won't see them very clearly either.  Something to remember when you are out off-roading in the beautiful Arizona high desert.  Watch where you put your feet and where you place your hands, especially when climbing over rocks, etc.  During this time of the year, they are out warming themselves in the afternoon sun (we came upon this guy about 3:00 PM or so).

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