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Moab 2001

On Monday, we again met in the parking lot of City Market and decided on doing a run up Moab Rim Trail.  This is one of my favorites and the first mile, which takes you up the face of the rim, keeps your attention focused on the task at hand.  A miscalculation on the part of the driver (or spotter) can result in the vehicle going over the edge with a direct drop to the highway far below.  As I said, this part of the trail keeps you focused on the task of getting your Jeep safely up and down.

Everyone wanted to run Moab Rim so we broke the group up into two sections.  This would make it much easier to manage the obstacles since much of the rim trail is single file and there are not a lot of places to park a large group while everyone takes their turn going over obstacles like the Devil's Crack and the Z-Turn.


Here is Dave coming up to the Devil's Crack.  I met up with Dave and his wife last year when we were running Fins n' Things.  He was running solo that day and joined up with Joe and I, only to finish the rest of the week with us.  Since then, we have stayed in contact with each other and arranged to meet up for this year's Moab run.  He had his wife and two kids with him this time.  His younger brother, Scott, was running his YJ and his folks brought their new stock TJ with them too.  Dave's folks did not take their new TJ on this trail, but did a good job on several of the other less difficult runs.  We are already making plans to see them again next year.  Dave's Dad, Virgil, says his TJ will be sporting a new lift by then along with some bigger tires and a rear rack of some type.


Here is Scott, Dave's younger brother, taking his YJ up the last part of the Z-Turn.  We had to give Scott a bit of a bad time every now and then.  He was the only YJ in our group (for almost all of the runs) so there were lots of comments made about compliant suspension, flexing, and a variety of other things.  His stock gears and large tires made for a hot clutch every now and then.  When he cleared this last step, we saw from fluid draining onto the ground.  Scott quickly popped the hood and after all was said and done, it was determined that it was either washer fluid or radiator fluid (from the overflow container) that had sloshed out.

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