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Moab 2001

After everyone had a cold soda at the crack, we saddled up and hit the trail again.  There are a number of interesting obstacles that lie between the Golden Track and the end of the Golden Spike trail.  


We tackled them one at a time, picking our way down steep ledges and up slickrock speed bumps, such as the one above.  I still love that Detroit Locker in my rear axle.  It does a good job on the sandstone keeping both wheels turning.  As you can see in the photo above, my front tires weren't helping all that much.


At one point, Josh's t-case locked up and he could not go forward or backward.  We still had a few obstacles to finish on the Golden Spike and all of the Gold Bar Rim trail to do.  I slipped around Josh and pulled out the tow strap.....so much for the 11 hour trail run, I thought.  We started toward the next rock ledge and had gone about 50' when Josh happily announced on the CB that the t-case was once again working.  It appeared that his rear differential (which was giving him an increasing amount of trouble) had gotten a bit bound up and was keeping the t-case bound up as well.  I stopped and we coiled up the strap.  Luckily, it would only come out one more time before we called it a day.  Who would get that "Yellow Demon" hooked to their Jeep?

We finished up the Spike and started on the last leg of our day's adventure, that being the Gold Bar Rim trail.  I ran the rim trail last year with Dave and some of his friends.  I had a good track of it in my GPS so I was confident that one way or another, we would get home (not that I did not trust Josh's lead through out the day....but I was just happy to have a good track log should I have to take the lead at some point).

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