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Moab 2001

From where we were, at the end of the Gold Bar Rim trail, most of the trail was down hill.  This was good since Josh's rear diff was starting to sound bad by this time.  It would pop and snap every now and then and didn't look to be having too much fun when forced into a tight turn.  There was one shelf that we would have to climb up onto, which may or may not be Josh's undoing.

We got to the shelf and I tried a direct approach up the middle of the obstacle....hmmmm.....not too good.  A second attempt proved just as bad as the first.  We talked a bit and decided that some rather large boulders that stood off to the end of the obstacle might just allow us to climb across them and onto the upper portion of the rock ledge.


Both Josh and I made it over with no problem.  Here is Dave making a go at it.  This is when we discovered that 33" tires were not high enough to clear the rear differential.  Josh's 38.5" Swampers and my 35" MT/Rs provided us with enough ground clearance.  Dave got hung up but after a few rock stacking attempts, we were able to get him up and over as well.  The remaining Jeeps were at 33" or less for tire size, so we tried the opposite end of the obstacle (Donna had made this recommendation earlier but I didn't try it then).

It worked pretty good.  If you hugged the extreme left hand end of the ledge, and worked on NOT getting your sheet metal rearranged, you could crawl up onto the ledge.  From there, it was a matter of negotiating a few rocks, keeping again to the left, and you were home free.  


Well....that is unless you are named William.  As you can see, William found a new part of the obstacle that also likes to grab differentials and make life difficult for you.  Oh yeah....Donna tried her best to convince William that this was the wrong line.  It took us about 30 minutes to free his TJ....he really got it tucked in there nice and tight.  


But hey, we were on vacation, and William wasn't going anywhere fast until we hooked that yellow strap on Brian's TJ and he gave William the necessary forward assistance to separate the differential from the rock.

The remainder of the Gold Bar Rim trail proved to be uneventful.  It had a few more ledges, but these were caught going downhill too.  Like my old Jeepin' buddy told me when I first got Lady...."It is a lot easier to fall off the rock than it is to climb up onto it".  I guess he really was right.

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