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Moab 2001

Saturday was our last day to run any more trails.  William, Josh, and Dwayne had left the previous day.  We met up with Dave and his family and headed on down to the City Market to see who was left.  Several of our other friends were saying good bye and heading back to various locations....one as far away as Florida (Jim and Dolly).  

We met some knew JU folks who had come up for the weekend to do some Jeepin'.  Dave and I both agreed that we weren't going to do any really tough trails since we would both be heading out in the morning....and getting something fixed late on a Saturday night or a Sunday is hard to do.  I knew that Virgil, with his stock TJ, wanted to run another trail with us, so the high end ones were not on the menu for today either.  We decided to give Seven Mile Rim a try.  It is rated difficult, but only has a couple of tough obstacles that can be bypassed which meant Virgil should have no problem hanging with us.

We acquired some new JU Jeepers and the group was once again up to 9 or 10 vehicles.  They all agreed that Seven Mile Rim would be just fine so we headed north out of Moab to catch the trail head.  At the trail head, I aired down for the 2nd time since getting to Moab.  (I had aired back up and reconnected my front sway bar for the long road trip through the La Sal Mountains.)

I had the waypoints (but no track log) in my GPS for this trail.  Donna was put in charge of the written directions from our trail book and off we went.  We made a couple of wrong turns early on but once we got use to the wording in the directions, it was not too bad.  The only other really confusing section of the trail was when we were coming up on Wipe Out Hill.  We had to cross a very large expanse of slick rock and there were no karins by which to navigate.  We resorted to some trial and error scouting on foot until we found the trail.

The trail runs along a very high rim that overlooks the area and provides for some great views of the countryside.  


Not too far off the main trail is a little side track that takes one down to Uranium Arch.  We went down to see the arch and and take a few pics.  I snapped one of Virgil and his wife Rosie as they stood on top of it.  Pretty cool up under all of that rock.


We headed out on the trail, stopping here and there for photos and to stretch our legs.  The pic above was taken at a location where the rock climbers (the people, not the Jeeps) like to crawl up the rocks....Determination Towers.

We also stopped at Wipe Out Hill and a couple of the new guys climbed down and then back up again.  After this optional obstacle, we headed towards the end of the trail and finally back out to the highway where we aired up for the next day's drive back to Phoenix.  At one point, we were running in a wash that had a small trickle of water running through it, compliments of a near by spring (I found the spring on my topo maps later.)  They say that water in the desert is a precious thing and by the HUGE amount of butterflies that were in this part of the wash, I guess it was true.  They were everywhere you looked.  Apparently some kind of hatching had just taken place.  Anyway, it was quite a sight to see.

Our last day in Moab was as good as our first one....in fact, it was probably better because no one broke a u-joint and it didn't even hail on us.  We had a great time with our friends, both the new ones and the old ones.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and hitting some new trails.

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