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Rubicon Trail 2001

We were back on the trail by 9:00 AM, doing it in low range, 1st gear.....climbing up and over the never ending trail of rocks.  We again noticed that the trail was becoming more and more challenging.  Luckily, we were getting better at the traction game so I guess that evened everything out about right.


I gave my digital camera to Bruce who kindly snapped a couple shots of Lady and me.  She is flexing it up just a bit coming down off of this ledge.  We encountered yet more ledges and obstacles along the trail that offered both a challenge as well as some nice photo ops!


The ledges were getting a bit taller as we worked our way towards Buck Island Lake, where we hoped to be by lunch time.  We still had not seen the Old Sluice Box yet which would be showing up any time soon.  I had these obstacles waypointed on my Garmin GPS but we had found that with the number of spur trails (fun trails people go play on) that take off in various directions, it can be difficult to know exactly where you are or where the main trail actually is.


Bruce's CJ-7 runs a conventional spring under axle suspension.  He has a pair of Detroits in the Ford 9" axles which turn 35" BFG MTs.  As you can see in the above pic, his CJ flexes pretty good.  After a while, I got to thinkin' that someone was just up the trail a ways, pushing the bigger rocks out onto the trail just to see if we could get over them.

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