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Rubicon Trail 2001

We broke camp, again around 9:00 AM, and headed up the trail to see what surprises Cadillac Hill might have in store for us.  Robert was in "survival mode", as he put it.  His main goal was to get off the trail in one piece.  My knee was feeling a bit better (lucky me) and after I got it stretched out a bit, I could get around on it pretty well.

We made the bottom of Cadillac hill in short time and found a group of 3 vehicles just clearing the steep granite slab that marks the beginning of the obstacle.  These folks had been camping at Rubicon Springs too.  There were two short wheel based Jeeps and a Cherokee in the group.  We gave them a few minutes head start and then scoped out a line to go over the slab.


Lady made it over the granite slab in fine shape.  It was one of those obstacles that looked worse than it really was.  We had no problems with traction or slipping off of our chosen line.

There were a number of good obstacles on Cadillac Hill, although after we made it to the top, we all agreed that it was not nearly as bad as what we had seen during the previous two days.  Don't get me wrong, there were a couple of places that you had to work for, and Robert got a bit twisted up when he couldn't get his tire put where he wanted it.  He said the pucker factor meter went to full scale while he waited for Bruce to get the winch hook connected to the CJ-7.  I missed all of this since I was further down the hill trying to keep one of Lady's flares out of those damn rocks!  (I succeeded this time.)


We made it to the top of Cadillac Hill and on to Observation Point.  Travel time up to this point was a smooth 75 minutes.  Not too bad we thought.  Then we got another look at Robert's drag link.  It had taken on a serious attitude since leaving Rubicon Springs.  We knew the trail would be easier from here on out, but we still had about another 9 miles (give or take a bit) before we would see Lake Tahoe.  We felt confident we would make it and would be at our hotel (Harvey's Casino in South Lake Tahoe, NV) around mid-day.


I handed my Sony digital to one of the guys and posed for a picture at Observation point.  This spot on the trail gives you a view of a major portion of the trail (although I'll be darned if I could pick it out way over there on the opposite side of the valley).  This is about the last spot where you can look back over the area you traveled.  We all took a bunch of pics here while we waited for the group of 3 Jeeps to get further down the trail (we caught up again with them here).

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