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According to our trail book, and my GPS, we were getting pretty darn close to that ledge they kept referencing....that big 4' tall ledge at the narrowest part of the trail.  I was beginning to have my doubts about this trip.  What happens if the outboard tire slips over the edge....bye, bye Lady (and me too most likely).  How big is a 4' ledge when you are trying to crawl over it without falling to your death?  Oh boy, maybe I should get Scott to go first (NOT).



In a short time, we made it to the ledge that the trail book was talking about.  This was the view out of the driver side window.  A couple of feet to spare before you dropped many hundred feet to the valley floor.  Those are HUGE washes in the picture....yes, the ones that look like wrinkles on the red dirt.  I've seen pics of trails with less clearance, but this one was the tightest one I had been on.


We hopped out and scoped out the ledge.  Going down wasn't going to be too bad.  We had to watch for a possible high center on the front axle, but that was mostly it, once we got a chance to look it all over.  Climbing up....well, we decided right then and there that Robert and his BIG tires would be the first person to go back up.  Like I told him, "I paid good money for my Warn winch and if I was going to use it, I wanted to tie off to his rear bumper!"


Here is another picture, taken from on top of the ledge.  I am standing part way down it (white t-shirt).  Teresa is watching off from the left side as the rest of us discuss tire placement, what was going to catch the rear bumper, etc.  As you can see, the trial is pretty narrow hear and you have the cliff wall on the passenger side.  Luckily, it was not too off camber so the chances of putting our sheet metal into the rocks was greatly reduced.

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