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Lower Terminator


We were nearing the end of the trail and most of the difficult obstacles as well.  FlexyXJ mentioned that we had one more obstacle to climb through before calling seeing the end of the trail.  


I let Scott spot me through this one too.  I think I took "Best Air" on this one.  Although not clearly seen here, the driver's side rear tire has to climb a 3'+ near vertical ledge in order to get out of this hole (given the line I was on).  I watched the movie footage of this one and was very impressed with how well Lady climbed out of this spot.  I feathered the brake pedal a bit and the front Truetrac did a great job of keeping power to the front tire that still had something that resembled traction (although not much since most of the weight was sitting back on the rear axle).

We wrapped up the trail with the rest of the guys coming through here and of course, exchanging "It's an XJ thing...do you need help?" with the long wheel base drivers.  It is nice to share the trail with folks that simply enjoy getting out and wheelin' their rigs.  No one had an attitude (at least not that I saw) and that sure does make for a nice run.  Thanks to all that participated.  With the exception of Mike's tires and a couple of new sheet metal dings on FlexyXJ, I think everyone else made it through with nothing but good memories.  (I'll have to get with Mike soon and see what he decided to do with those tires....stick with 33" tires (I think he will be getting some MT/Rs if I know Mike) or moving up to the 35" size.  He was asking me what he needed to do in order to clear some more rubber!  Way to go Mike!

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