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Wildfire Relief Run


The middle school at Payson was used as one of two relief shelters.  They also used the high school gym.  When we arrived at the middle school and unloaded the toys and games (for adults too.....sitting around worrying about things with too much time on your hands gets old real fast).  The shelter management introduced our group to the evacuees we then were able to visit with the folks.  There were a lot of teary eyes in the crowd, ours and theirs.  Some of these people had nothing more than the clothes they were wearing.


All forms of professional and religious support was available to the wildfire victims.  There was insurance claim processing, medical attention for those with special needs, and spiritual counseling. 

We finished our stop at the shelter.  Some stayed behind to help out a bit while some of the other folks continued on to two animal shelters.  The animal shelters were packed with animals of all sorts that had escaped the fire and gotten separated from their owners.



Our last stop, as a group, was at the local park.  We had the raffle drawing and two lucky members walked away with hundreds of dollars worth of donated 4x4 fab work for their Jeep.  We all got together, as best one can with a couple hundred people, and took some group pictures.  We said our goodbyes and split up into smaller groups, heading off for lunch at one of the local restaurants.  It was nice to finally sit down, have a nice meal, and talk with friends that I had not seen for quite some time.

Many thanks to everyone that helped make this run a success.  Because of your kindness and generosity, we were able to bring a smile to the faces of the wildfire evacuees.  They all said thanks and I promised those I spoke with that I would pass it along to all of you. 

Here is a video clip from the VideoCD that I made.  This segment is about 7.5MB big so DSL/cable modem is a requirement.

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