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Red Creek - December 1999


I returned to Red Creek Canyon in December with my off-road buddy, Joe Ruby.  It was part of a two day (over night) Jeep trip that we took (nice to have some vacation time stashed away for such events!).  We got to the creek with less than a couple of hours of daylight left.  About a mile from where it joins the Verde River, we found a great spot to call it a day and set up camp.  We picked a gravel bar that had built up during the last flash flood.  Around a nice camp fire, Joe and I discussed differentials and gearing, tires, t-cases, you name it, I think we covered it.  At 11:30 PM, I climbed into my Jeep, parked just 3' from the flowing water, and listened to it until it lulled me to sleep.

redcreek6.jpg (52385 bytes)

Got the fire going as the sun was going down and the night air was setting in.
We found ice, 3/4" thick, on a small pool of standing water the following morning.


redcreek7.jpg (47804 bytes)

The canyon walls block out the direct sunlight as we break camp and head
down stream towards the Verde River the next morning.  Notice the lack of
anything that looks like a trail.  I was able to test my new Tomken gas tank
skid plate many times on this run.  It did a GREAT job!  Many portions of the creek
were significantly worse than this.  Most of these in this picture are about 10" ~12" high.


redcreek8.jpg (60436 bytes)

Red Creek meets the Verde River.  Many of the trees still have quite a few leaves left.


redcreek9.jpg (55440 bytes)

Looking downstream from where I was standing when I snapped the above picture.


verde2.jpg (191821 bytes)

Joe climbed up on a bedrock outcropping and snapped a picture of me
and our two Jeeps.


By the way, did you know that your kindly US Forest Service is currently
trying to close 347,000 miles of Jeep trails, just like the Red Creek Trail?

  Write your congressman
and tell them we want these trails left open so we can enjoy our land.

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