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6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run


No JU Moab run is complete without a flag.  Josh (a.k.a., Schlingdawg) made the first flag for 1AJUMR.  Since then, a flag has always been made and sold by someone in the group.  Donna (my wife) volunteered to make flags for this year's run.  Since this was her second time for providing flags, I thought I would give you a behind the scenes look at just what all goes into making flags for 30 some Jeepers.



Donna's IBM laptop is used to "drive" her sewing machine.  This was her first embroidery project, other than stitching my name on a t-shirt.  She found a off-road vehicle design in one of the folders that came with her sewing machine software.



Donna used 5 different thread colors on each the flag.  This meant each flag required 5 thread changes while it was being made.  It took about 1 hour per flag to stitch the vehicle and add the lettering.



Here are a couple of flags, hot off the sewing machine.  Each still requires another 15 minutes of work which includes finishing the edges and sewing in the antenna pocket and tie-downs.  Donna used a variety of colors in the design so



Donna at the sewing machine, doing something or the other (OK, so I know my way around a TJ pretty well but I sure as heck don't claim to know anything about sewing). 

So.....I want to pass along a big thank you to my loving wife who spent a lot of her time making the flags for this year's Moab run.  Your hard work and talent is very much appreciated.



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