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6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run


We ran several of our favorite trails and also added a new one to the GPS collection, Elephant Hill.  It was not overly hard but the scenery was excellent.  It was our first trip into the Canyonlands Park.  A very nice part of the country for sure.

Donna and I also managed to hit Moab Rim, Hell's Revenge, the 2nd half of Fins & Things, Cliff Hanger, Gold Bar Rim, and part of the Golden Spike.

Here are some pics that I pulled from the pile we took (and a few I grabbed from Jason too).



Our trip started the night before we hit the road on Saturday AM.  The TJ was almost packed to the roof....some luggage, some food, and a bunch of vendor items for the door prizes. 



Robert catches some air at the Devil's Crack on Moab Rim Trail.  Just a few feet off of the driver's rear tire is a cliff edge that will provide you a very quick path to the highway below (about 100' at this point).  This is one of the trails in Moab that a flop/roll could quickly escalate into something much more serious. 



Trina's TJ sitting off to the side of the main trail (on Moab Rim).  Just before climbing down the Z-Turn, she noticed that one of her rear upper frame end control arm brackets had ripped loose from the frame.  Notice the two Optima batteries sitting by the front tire.  Robert welded the bracket back onto the frame using his Ready Welder II portable mig welder (hence the need for two batteries). 



The edge of the overlook at the end of Gold Bar Rim trail.  Yes, that little white blob on the highway down there is a tractor trailer.  There is a car about one electric pole in front of it, but it is virtually a little white speck on the highway at this resolution.  Yes, it is a LONG way down.  You can see the railroad track that runs between the highway and the side of the cliff.



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