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6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run



I am working my way up to the Devil's Crack on Moab Rim.  Lady was working pretty nice this trip.  It was the first major road trip for the recently installed AW-4 automatic transmission.  It was also the first Moab for it.  Moab is all about traction and being smooth/fluid in the off-camber situations.  I found the TJ much easier to handle as a result of the smooth operation of the auto tranny.  No jerky unloading of the drive train when the clutch was depressed, etc.  Having ran the 5 speed for the past 8 years, I can certainly say I like the auto tranny better.



This was a challenging obstacle for Trina.  I was spotting her and we tried 3 slightly different lines (one of which was the same line I had just driven through without lifting a tire).  Each attempt ended with her carrying her left front tire quite high into the air.  A couple of rocks fixed the problem.

What I found interesting is that Robert and I both did the obstacle without the big air that Trina was experiencing.  We were all running TJs, 35" tires, long arm lifts, and selectable lockers (both locked).  I was running a SwayLOC and Robert was running an Anti-Rock.  Trina was running quick disconnects.  Having ran disconnected for years.....and then running with an off-road sway bar for many more years, you'll never convince me that running disconnected improves a vehicle's handling off-road (compared to running an off-road swaybar).  I watched it clearly demonstrated on this obstacle. 



Trina, Tricia, and Donna pose for a photo at the overlook at the top of the Nasty Mile on Moab Rim.  We had to keep an eye on Tricia as she was constantly blending in with the flora and fauna.  As such, it was easy to run over her when trying for the sweet line on an obstacle. 



Robert, Trina, and myself pick our way down the Nasty Mile during mid-afternoon.  Unfortunately, we caught up with a CJ-7 that had previously passed us on the trail.  The CJ-7 was upside down at the bottom of the Z-Turn.  The elderly driver was quite fortunate to have no serious injuries since he was not wearing his seat belt.  I still can not comprehend why people take chances like that.  I'm sorry, but I see it as just being stupid....stupid.....stupid.



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