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6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run



The confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers, as seen from the overlook on the Elephant Hill Trail.  You can see the two different colors of river water and the line that is formed where the meet. 



Larry and is quite capable Unlimited descend one of the many fins on the Hell's Revenge trail.  An older TJ sheared a lower control arm bracket on the D30 axle housing during our run on this trail.  Larry's Ready Welder II was pressed into service to reattach the bracket to the axle housing.



T.Dome and his son Jay slide down a ledge on Gold Bar Rim.  We ran the trail up to where it joins the Golden Spike Trail and then proceeded down to the Golden Crack where we had lunch.  We had originally planned to cross the crack and then re-cross it to double back on ourselves.  Crossing the crack in the opposite direction was a bit more than I wanted my D30 axle to get tested at, so we turned back and left the Golden Crack for next year when we run it from the Poison Spider direction.



Larry turned 50 years old the week prior to our get together at Moab.  He awoke one morning to find his Unlimited very well decorated....welcoming him into his 50th year of living.  As you can see, someone placed a few essentials that any 50 year old may very well need as he starts the second half of his century.  There were a number of other things carefully planted throughout the Jeep....needless to say, it took Larry a little while to find all of them. 

That about wraps up this trail report for the 6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run.  No one in our group rolled this year, so all in all, it was a great year.  As I mentioned earlier, there were trail repairs far above any previous years.  I think some of our Jeeps are starting to show their age (Lady didn't have any problems).  It happens and it will be something that will need more attention in the upcoming years.

Hope to see you at next year's JeepsUnlimted Moab Run!


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