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Die Hard


Waiting to work my way up to the next obstacle.  Brad is in the TJ ahead of me.  Bob is leaning against the rock discussing something with Brad.  Troy's buggy destroyed a rear diff some time back on the trail.  He was taking a crazy line on a waterfall and the Detroit let go.  You can see his winch line coming off my TJ.  He used me as a winch point when he couldn't get over the rocks.  (Why do they have to winch off of the smallest Jeep?)



Another obstacle on the trail.  Bob is sitting on a rock.....right about where his feet are is where I'll track the passenger side of my TJ.  Brad, the TJ in front of me, just sliced a sidewall and they are pulling the spare off of the tire carrier to swap onto the rear axle.



The exit from the above obstacle.  Yes, it gets a little tippy coming off of it.  Troy was telling me that someone went off of the passenger side of that obstacle and really messed up there ride.  It is a fair drop onto the rocks below. 


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