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Die Hard


Troy lost his rear locker on a waterfall....those insane lines come with a price.  We are near the end of the trail when this photo was taken.  Push, pull, tug, or tow.....we were all coming off of the trail together.



I had my driver's front tire on a big rock....trying to get around a rock at my rear passenger corner.  Then....BAM....out of nowhere, this rock lets go and slides down into the front of the TJ.  It is right up against the front axle....just fitting under my front bumper.  Peeled the steering box brace off of the steering box (but the box was OK).  The TBT steering survived just fine....flexed some to stay out of harms way and came back into position once I backed away from the rock slide. 



Yet another rock squeeze to climb over/through.  The rocker guards really got a work out, as did the side sliders on the taller rocks.  I left my doors in Troy's truck but I don't recall a situation where they may have been hit.  Regardless, it was a good decision to leave them behind as I was in and out of the vehicle a lot....probably would have worn out the hinge pins. 



Gotta always have one of these photos in the run.  Brandon and I had came through an obstacle using two different lines and so ended up on either side of this rock.  He was parked on it when I came up and popped a tire up on it.  He thought I was going to push him off as he had throttle through a previous obstacle when Bob said "Stu is on the line....just aim for him a go!".  When he did, I turned around and ran to get out of the way.  We all got a chuckle out of it. 

Well, that is about it.  One heck of a run....one heck of a trail.  I won't be back for a while....35" tires and D30/D44 axles aren't really the right combination for it.  There were too many times I was waiting for a hub, u-joint, or axle shaft to blow as I made climbs that I probably shouldn't have.  A big thanks to Warn, Spicer, and especially Alloy USA.   It was your parts that kept my axles turning the tires....and I've no doubt that the auto tranny's ability to smoothly apply and release the power kept those parts happy and me on the line up the waterfall.

Die Hard....not sure if that applies to the trail or the vehicles that run it.  Either way, we all made it out and headed into New River for some burgers and cokes.  It was a good day and I enjoyed the heck out of sharing it with my friends.

Good trails and remember to TREADLightly!


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