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Sidewinder's 2007 Desert Run



Welcome to a March record breaking temperature day in the desert near Lake Havasu!  The morning wasn't too bad, but by early afternoon, it was getting warm.  I felt sorry for those that didn't have a top of some type on their vehicle. 

Troy and I decided to ratchet the trail level down a notch and hook up with a new group of driver's for Saturday's run.  We opted for a trail called Boulder Gultch.  There was no winching on this trail but plenty of opportunities for those unexpected off-camber situations where one's lapse in attention would flop you on your side in a heart beat.  To the best of my knowledge, no one did.  The trail head was about 11 miles from the highway and it took us a good hour to make our way back to the start of the trail.  Lots of dust on the route we took in but our return, via a big sandy wash, was a lot better (in the dust category). 


Boulder Gultch pretty much lived up to it's name.  There were plenty of areas where you could high center your vehicle or catch an axle on a rock which stopped all forward motion right then.  No one had any big problems but there were about 4 sidewalls lost on the trail.  The rock gods got there offering of sliced sidewalls and then some.


There were plenty of places to take out an unprotected rocker, fender, or quarter panel.  The new coating of rattle can black that I put on my rocker guards and side sliders was again removed on a number of tight squeeze areas.


We stopped for a late lunch (about 1:30 PM).  We had "finished" the trail but still had about a dozen miles to go before we found the highway again.  Aside from some tires, we all made it through Boulder Gultch without any major issues. 

Many thanks to the trail leaders, waste gunners, and tail gunners that made both days a lot of fun.  You were all great hosts and I hope I can pay back the favor sometime on one of our local Phoenix area trails. 

I look forward to visiting you again in 2008! 


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