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York OBA TJ Installation

by Dave Gallegos (TJBoomer on JU

There comes day in your life when one decides that a stock Jeep just isn't enough. We need bigger tires which lead to higher lifts. Higher lifts mean more components to make our Jeeps work like a fine watch on steroids.

Then you notice the other Jeepers bent over (you assume they are praying to the tire gods) at the trail head. You find out lower tire pressure means better traction on the rocks and those guys are airing down. At the trails end, those same Jeepers are airing their tires back up. How cool is that? We then decide we just gotta have compressed air too. If for nothing else, it's just too cool to pass up.  It's a Jeep thing... we do understand.

There are several different products and configurations to choose from on the market today...Quick air, Co2 tanks and, the most favored by far for serious Jeepers is the York compressor.  This is the route I took, but is the most expensive and time consuming of all the choices and requires a lot of patience.

These York compressors are tough and can take quit a beating.  They can provide a never-ending source of air for filling tires, running air tools, seating a tire bead, and can bring that unforgettable smile to the face of a child when you air up their water wings. What a feeling of accomplishment.

So... where to get started. First, this project takes a lot of planning research, and design. Think about where you want to position all the components. Kilby Enterprises web site contains a plethora of information to include installation of their kits, schematics, diagrams, York service manuals, links, lotsa parts and kits.  The York Compressor Service Manuals can be downloaded in PDF (Acrobat Reader) here.

In order to make this project as simple as possible, I broke the system down into four basic components/modules; the compressor, air tank, oil removal filter (optional)/check valve and air manifold. I wanted my system to be modular so that it would be easy to tear down for maintenance and repair purposes. This meant that each basic component would be connected with quick connects (QC's).  I decided I didn't want to drill or cut my Jeep in any way if at all possible.

After weeks of research on the Internet, which included many visitations to www.stu‑offroad.com for technical information to move the air box to make room for the York compressor and Brad Kilby's site for the links to other's who had done this project, I finally decided to start the project by gathering the parts.

I started by procuring a used TJ air box and tube.  I didn't really want to cut mine, in case the project never came to fruition.  After weeks of searching the net, I located a used air box, air tube, and to my surprise, not just one, but two junkyard York compressors (1-210 and 1-206) included with the Kilby KE-1000 compressor bracket kit and clutch on Jeeps Unlimited "FOR SALE" forum.  The air box and the tube from one person was $20 + shipping. The 2 - Yorks, bracket kit and clutch were $150 from another (thanks David). I also understand that these items can be found on Ebay.


Drill/Drill bits - assorted sizes    Assorted Standard/metric combination wrenches
Air impact w/ sockets 22mm or 7/8" Measuring tape
Assorted Metric and Standard sockets Rivet gun w/rivets (if bolts are not used)
Large adjustable/crescent wrench          Circuit tester/mulit-meter
1/4" NPT Tap - Requires 7/16" drill bit Small mechanics telescoping magnet
Rubber Mallet Pliers
Wire stripper/cutter/crimper Round rat tail file
Assorted flat head/phillips screw drivers Electrical tape
Hack saw/miter power saw       Masking tape
Hammer All weather tape
Right angle square         Black Sensor Safe RTV
Spreader wrench for York clutch assembly       Anti-sieze
Torque wrench Teflon pipe tape
Dremel w/small cutoff wheel and drum sander  


Welder 1 - 4' x 1" x 1/8" Strap metal
Assorted files 1 - 4' x 1" x 1/4" Strap metal
Angle grinder 1 - 4' x 1/2" x 1/4" Strap metal
Vise Metal scriber or medium tipped marker




Qty. Item Part # Source Price

York Compressor with 4 bolts

210 Salvage Yard $20-$70
1 York v-belt 6" clutch should come w/ compressor Salvage Yard $0
new = $90
1 Air Manifold
5-1 Air Manifold
Kilby Enterprises
1 York Bracket Adapter Kit KE-1000 Kilby Enterprises $125
20' Insta-Grip Air Hose 3/8IG Kilby Enterprises $20
1 pr. Flange Fittings
Tube-O Roto-Lock Fittings
Kilby Enterprises $25
1 Pressure Switch PSW3 Kilby Enterprises $30
1 0 - 160 psi Pressure Gage GA2MB Kilby Enterprises $10
1 One Way Check Valve
Kilby Enterprises
1 Intake Filter FS-07-050 Kilby Enterprises $20
1 Oil Removal Filter Coi26C3-S Kilby Enterprises $65
1 Oil Return Line COI-OILRETURN Kilby Enterprises $20
1 Adjustable Relief Valve NC25 Kilby Enterprises $5
1 York Dip Stick (optional) 90616 Kilby Enterprises $5
1 Lighted SPST (single pole single throw) switch 27411 Overtons.com $12
20' Automotive 16 Gauge Wire
15' Red - 5' Black
  Autoparts Store  
1 Male/Female Bullet Connector   Personal stash  
2 | Wire Tap Connectors   Personal stash  
1 Male Spade Connectors   Personal stash  
9 Female Spade Connectors   Personal stash  
1 5/16" Round Terminal End   Personal stash  
1 Spray Paint Can Lid From
Premium Rust-Oleum Can
  Personal stash
1 qt. 10W-30 oil   Walmart $1.35
4 1/2" 10-24 Bolts,
Nuts and Lock Washers
  hardware store $1.50
2 1-1/4" 10-24 Allen Bolts
W/Lock Washers and Nuts
1 2" Rubber Pipe Coupler     $1.80
2 3" Hose Clamps   Salvage Yard $1.00
1 Quick Connect Rubber Cover   Tractor Parts Store $2.30
2 3/8" - 1/4" NPT Reducer   Autoparts Store $1.40
12 1/2" NPT - 3/8" NPT Reducer   Autoparts Store $3.50
3 3/8" NPT Male Hose Connectors   Autoparts Store $4.00
4 1/4" NPT Female Hose Connectors ` Autoparts Store $5.20
2 90 Degree 1/4" NPT  Male/Male   Autoparts Store $4.00
1 Male Hex Nipple            Autoparts Store $1.30
1 3/8" NPT Plug   Autoparts Store $.70
1 1/4" NPT Plug   Autoparts Store $.50
1 1/4" NPT Drain Valve   Autoparts Store $1.25
4 1/4" NPT Female Quick Connect Couplers   Autoparts Store $11.20
2 1/4" NPT Male Quick Connector Couplers   Autoparts Store $5.60
6  3/8" - 1/4" NPT Male Barb Hose Connectors 272-0604 Kilby Enterprises $4.80

* Shipping not included in above prices.

This list is by no means all inclusive.  Each person will use different techniques requiring different parts.  Adjustments to this list and instructions may be required to fit your particular needs.  For example the air manifold; there are two choices on the list of "Parts and Sources".  Your choice will change the required connectors and manifold mounting procedures to complete the OBA install.  If I've missed anything or something is incorrect within the instructions, please feel free to let me know by sending an email to: 135boomer@cableone.net   Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and would insure these instructions are as up to date as possible for all who would benefit from them.


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