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The second module will consist of the oil removal filter, check valve and mounting bracket.  The required items for this part of the project will be the Oil Removal Filter, 2 - 3/8" NPT - 1/4" NPT reducers,  a 90 degree male/male 1/4" NPT elbow, a 1/4" NPT female connectors, a 3/8" NPT - 3/8" NPT male hex nipple, a one way check valve, a 1/4" NPT male connector, Teflon tape and assorted wrenches.  (If the oil removal filter is not utilized then the check valve can be attached directly to the third (air manifold) module using a 3/8" NPT - 3/8" NPT male hex nipple, a 3/8" NPT male connector and some Teflon tape once the third module is complete.  There will then be only 2 modules; the compressor and the manifold and you won't need the bracket mentioned above.)

Assembly of the second module (oil removal filter and check valve):

1.  With Teflon tape applied to the threads, take note of the arrow on top of the filter, and install a 3/8" NPT - 1/4" NPT reducer to the "in" side of the filter.
2.  Apply Teflon tape to the threads of a 90 degree male/male 1/4" NPT elbow and attach this to the 3/8" NPT - 1/4" NPT reducer that was just installed on the filter.
3.  Apply Teflon tape to the other end of the 90 degree elbow and install a 1/4" NPT female connector.

With this side completed, it should look something like this: See Figure 7.


Figure 7

4.  Now, apply Teflon tape to the 3/8" NPT - 3/8" NPT male hex nipple and install it into the "out" side of the filter.
5.  Apply Teflon tape to the other end of the hex nipple just installed and install the check valve taking note of the air flow direction.
6.  Apply Teflon tape to a 3/8" NPT - 1/4" NPT reducer and install the reducer into the check valve.
7.  With Teflon tape, install a 1/4" NPT male connector.  This side of the oil removal filter should look similar to this.  See Figure 8.


Figure 8

After completing the above directions, you should pressurize this oil removal filter and check valve with compressed air and check for leaks by inserting this module into a bucket of water.  Tighten any connections as required.  No Leaks?  Great!  Now it's time to connect the oil return line to the oil removal filter.  Follow the instructions provided in the kit.  See Figure 9.


Figure 9

8.  Cut the required length of provided hose (I used approximately 10"of hose since my oil removal filter was located right on the compressor; the length would depend on where you decided to place yours so measure carefully before cutting) and install the two barbed female fittings by firmly pushing them onto the hose.  See Figure 10.


Figure 10

9.  Remove the bottom plug from the bottom of the oil removal filter and install the provided elbow adapter with a little Teflon tape.
10.  With Teflon tape, install the provided valve onto this elbow and install the newly created hose onto the valve with the barbed swivel at the very end. 

Your finished module should look similar to this:  See Figure 11.


Figure 11

Yours may look a little different than mine if you used a check valve from Brad Kilby or if you didn�t use an oil removal filter at all.  That's ok, as there are many different ways to hook it up, but the process is the same. 

Here is a picture of the bracket I fabricated from 1" x 1/8" strap metal.  This should give you some ideas to help fabricate your own if you are not "weld challenged".  See Figure 12.



Figure 12



The third module (air manifold) will now need to be assembled.  I selected the manifold from Kilby Enterprises, so that is what will be discussed here.  If you elected to utilize the 5-in-1 air manifold from Northern Tools, then assembly will be basically the same and both are very easy to assemble.  Parts needed for this project will be the manifold, 0 - 160 psi gauge, adjustable relief valve, adjustable pressure switch, 1/4" NPT male plug, 3/8" NPT male plug, 3/8" NPT male connector, 1/4" NPT male quick connect, rubber cover for quick connect coupler, Teflon tape and the same assorted wrenches utilized from the previous assembly.

1.   With Teflon tape, install a 3/8" NPT male plug at the left end of the air manifold with the Kilby name facing you.
2.   Install a 3/8" NPT male connector on the right end of the air manifold with Teflon tape.
3.   Now, with Teflon tape, install the 0 - 160 psi gauge, relief valve, pressure switch, male quick connect and last the 1/4" NPT male plug in the desired positions.

Here's a picture of mine.  See Figure 13.



Figure 13

Again, with compressed air, pressurize the air manifold, insert the manifold into a bucket of water and check for leaks.  Tighten items as required and install the rubber cover on the quick connect coupler.

Using some 1" x 1/8" strap metal, I fabricated a mounting bracket and attached the bracket to the manifold with 2 - 1 1/4" 10-24 bolts, washers and nuts as shown.  See Figures 14 and 15



Figure 14



Figure 15

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