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Rompalicious Hydra Water System

With the successful installation of the Hydra on the back of the seat, it was time to mount it on the rear section of the roll cage. 



A portion of the Hydra's shell that wasn't used during the seat application is used for the roll cage setup.  I unzipped the heavy duty zipper that opened up the "flap" on the stop of the shell.



The flap is wrapped around the roll bar and then zipped closed.  The remaining straps are attached to the roll bar at appropriate places to stabilize the Hydra.  If I remember correctly, the newer TJs have their sound pod oriented forward of the center roll bar.  On my TJ, the pod is placed facing rearward.  I didn't use the 5th strap (that attaches through the grommet hole) as I couldn't see much need for it in my setup.  Between the straps for the Hydra and those for my nets, I was running out of room in that corner anyway. 

Rompalicious included an application guide in the Hydra box....I think it was put there for those of us that practice the Jeeper's credo...."If all else fails, read the directions!".  It showed that you can take a pair of Hydra Water Systems and zip the flaps together to form a saddle-bag configuration.  This allows you hang a pair of Hydras on each side and yields 10 gallons of water for those extended trips.  Add a pair on the back of your front seats and you have 15 gallons.  And if you opt to put a pair on your back seat, you've just upped your H2O capacity to 20 gallons.  So....when the guy on the trail pulls up next to you and says "Got any water?", you'll know what to say! 


The Hydra's 36" quick disconnect hose can be obtained with either a bite valve or a drain valve.  I heard that a shower head valve was in the makings too (keep your trail mates happy and take a shower!).  The bite valve has a strong magnet molded into it.....I was impressed with its holding power.  Makes it easy to stick to the roll cage (over your shoulder) for handy access.



I mentioned earlier in the review that I had used hard poly water containers during previous Jeep trips.  Here is a pic of an empty Hydra Water System and an empty Rubbermaid water jug.  Any more info needed? 

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