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Rompalicious Hydra Water System


I almost forgot to show you the quick disconnect hose.  The valve on the bladder seals itself when you remove the hose from it.  If you have liquid in the bladder, you won't lose any when you switch from the bite valve to the drain valve.  (extra hoses with valves available separately)

During the e-mail exchanges that pre-dated this review, I got a chance to learn a little bit about Ken and Rompalicious.  I've yet to meet him face to face but I look forward to the opportunity.  He's just one state away from where I live and so I'm pretty confident our paths will cross at some point.  Ken's story includes a very bad motorcycle accident, a spring break at Moab in a friend's YJ, and roaming the remote areas of New Mexico in a TJ that didn't have enough fresh water capacity (in that order).  When all was said and done, Rompalicious was the end result and with it the Hydra Water System. 

If you haven't stopped by the Rompalicious web site, please do.  The company is expanding their line of products to include Warn, Rancho, Trailmaster, and ARB, to name some brands I saw while browsing their web site.

The HydraTM Water System is a pretty neat idea.  It is simple to maintain, versatile in its design, and a MUST have if you wheel in the desert southwest as I do.  In the 115+ degree desert heat, it could mean the difference between making it out and being a statistic.  If you aren't lucky enough to share my part of the country, you still need water on those excursions.  Did you know that a 4.0L cooling system can be completely refilled from a single Hydra except for just 2 cups of water?  I know smart folks carry a spare radiator hose and/or a hose patch kit.  Got a couple gallons of water to fill that thirsty radiator?

As with many of my write-ups and reviews, I'll try to provide an update after I've had some trail time with the Hydra Water System.

Remember to TREAD Lightly! 




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