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The dimensions of the Ice Vault, which are 34" x 14" x 7", allow you to carry just about any common refreshment container there is.  As shown above, a 2 liter bottle fits in the cooler with no problems.  A 12 oz. can fits perfectly inside as do other containers like Power Aide, bottled water, etc. 


The cooler also has one of those stretchy adjustable cargo cords that is laced across the top of the cooler.  With it, you can secure other gear such as a light jacket, blanket (for those lunch time picnic stops on the trail), or just about any other gear that will fit under there. 


This is where the Ice Vault will spend most of its time in my TJ, right behind the front seats, sitting on top of my built in cargo box.  I'll be picking up a couple of 1" wide nylon straps this weekend so I can attach those end handles to the roll bar. 


Optionally, if I decide to pack my heavier gear towards the front of the cargo space, the Ice Value fits perfectly flush up to the tail gate....and I still use the tie down straps on the end handles to secure the cooler to the roll bar at the rear.  (hey, I told you the rear seat was optional!)

I talked to Greg about how well the Ice Vault lives up to its name.  He said he's had his filled with ice and drinks on the trail for two days with temps in the 100+ degree range and still had ice when he got home.  Good enough for me!  On top of that, finding space to store this very thin cooler on the shelves in my garage will be much easier than the big old hard plastic Rubbermaid cooler this is replacing.

In a couple of words, Ice Vault is easy in, easy out, and easy to care for.  If you are looking for a Jeep cooler that was designed for your ride by another Jeeper, then you found it right here.  You can purchase it on-line using a major credit card or your PayPal account. 


Update:  8/22/2005

The Ice Vault now comes with two separate compartments.  That means you can keep your cold wet stuff on one side (like the hot dogs, Pepsi, and potato salad) and keep your dry stuff on the other side (the hot dog buns, potato chips, and paper plates. 

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