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NitroPlanes - 900mm PopWing

When I first started R/C flying, one of the guys in our informal group was an avid wing guy.  He enjoyed making a flying various wings.  Some were scratch built using Depron while others were kits.  He always had a blast flying the wings and eventually, I decided I needed to give one of these little air darts a try.  This is my second PopWing from NitroPlanes.  I learned on the first one and flew it until I grew tired of patching the patches, so to speak.  This write-up documents the build process I followed.  It follows most of what is included in the build instructions but with a few change or two that I felt provided a more duarable aircraft based on personal experience. 

I should mention that NitroPlanes seems to be switching over to small quads while leaving the fixed wing arena.  This is based only on my observation of watching their listings of fixed wing planes show "Out of Stock" in an ever increasing number.  They now have pages upon pages of fixed wing planes on their website all showing "Out of Stock".  The little quads, however, are in stock.  I've observed this happening over a 1 to 2 year period.  If you can't find a small wing at NitroPlanes, there are many, many other outlets, including your local hobby shop (we don't have one of those up here in the boonies). 


900mm PopWing boxed

This winter, while shuffling through some stuff in the basement, I found a brand new 900mm PopWing still sealed in the box.  After finding it, I remember I ordered it when NitroPlanes had a sale a year or two ago.  With the spring flying season a few months away, I decided now would be a good time to assemble it.  I still had all of the electronics that I used in the last PopWing which made this a no-brainer project....glue wing together and install the existing electronics. 

Speaking of electronics and such, here is a list of what is required to get a wing like this up in the air.

    Motor:  2208  1350KV
    ESC:  15-20 amps
    Servo:  8~9 gram, two required
    Battery:  3 cell, 800-1200 mAH Li-Po, 25C
    Propeller:  6x5 or 7x5

You will need a 3 channel (or more) receiver to provide throttle and elevon (elevator & aileron) control.  I used a small full telemetry 4 channel receiver on this wing so I could keep an eye on the Li-Po voltage.  I had a number of 3 cell 1300 mAH batteries and they worked just fine and fit into the battery bay that was factory-cut into the foam. 


gluing the wing halves

There is minimal assembly of the EPP foam wing.  The wing comes in two pieces, split front to back.  You need to glue the two halves together.  I prefer using a contact adhesive which allows for a little flex upon drying.  I've found this survives crashing a little better than the more brittle CA adhesive.   After applying the adhesive to both halves, I let them dry for several minutes and then pressed the two halves together.  I used T pins to hold the two wing pieces in position until the glue was thoroughly dried. 


CF spar placement bottom of wing 

There are two factory-cut slits in the foam on the bottom wing (along the tips of the two screwdrivers).  Two of the three provided carbon fiber spars will be glued into these slits. 


CF spar placement in top of wing 

The remaining carbon fiber spar is glued into the top of the wing in the factory-cut slit.  I noticed that while the two bottom slits were the correct length, the stop slit was about a half inch too long.  No worry, just center the spar in the slit. 


motor mount 

The motor mount comes already assembled so all that is needed is to carefully glue it on the rear of the wing.  Be sure to properly center the mount on the rear edge of the wing.  There are a couple of index marks which makes it easy to align the center of the mount with the center of the wing.  Since the motor mount is responsible for thrust angle, ensure the back edge of the mount is perpendicular to the bottom of the wing.  You want a zero or neutral thrust angle.


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