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The next step was to secure the battery mount into the plane along with the Velcro strap.  From experience gained with my first wing, the method described in the instructions won't survive much of a crash or nose first landing.  You'll find your battery and the mount ejected from the wing.  If lucky, your battery connector will let go.....and if not, some of your electronics may get yanked out of the plane as well.  This is my solution to building a more robust battery mount which is what I did to patch my first wing after the battery mount tore loose. 


battery mount parts

Using one of those plastic fake credit cards that comes in the junk mail, I cut it to fit the pre-cut battery slot in the wing.  I then applied adhesive to the one side of the card after placing a dozen cuts on it using an Exacto knife.  This helps the adhesive to better grip the smooth card.  I also applied the contact adhesive to one side of the supplied wooden battery mount.  After 5 minutes, I pressed the wooden mount and card together and let them dry for another 15 minutes. 


battery mount in the wing

Once dry, I applied contact adhesive to the back side of the card after also cutting it with the knife.  I also applied adhesive to the foam battery slot, leaving a strip in the middle without adhesive so that the Velcro strap would not be glued to the foam.  After 5 minutes to let the adhesive tac up a bit, I pressed the battery holder and strap into the battery slot.  I added a little more adhesive around the edges of the plastic card, where it meats the foam to help ensure a good bond and then let everything dry.   The reinforced battery compartment is complete! 


elevon servo and linkage 

The wing has two factory cutouts for positioning the servos.  I used 9 gram metal gear servos on this build since I've had good success with them in the past.  It is important to cut the slot for the control horm so that it is 90 degrees to the centered servo horn.  When cutting the slot for the elevon control horm, be sure the end of the control horn sits directly over the hinge line.  I had to enlarge the servo mounting hole just a bit in order to get a good fit.  I used a couple drops of hot glue to secure the servo. 


elevon servo wiring 

The servo wires are routed on the bottom side of the wing.  I cut a shallow slots in the foam between the servos and the factory cutout for the electronics.  My servo leads were just a little short so I used an extension cables on both sides to reach the receiver.  You can see where the extension cable is connected in the above photo.  I cut just a little bit deeper under the extension connector so that I could push it deeper into the wing.  I did not glue the wiring into the foam.  If you have to replace a servo, removing glued in wiring just makes it harder than it needs to be.

mounted motor

The brushless motor is mounted using 4 small wood screws.  After I'm certain that everything is positioned correctly, I'll put a small dab of hot glue on the end of the screws protruding through the wooden motor mount.  I do this as a safety step just to make sure a screw does not vibrate loose.


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