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NitroPlanes - 900mm PopWing

electronics mounting on the wing

The electronics, consisting primarily of the ESC (electronic speed control) and the receiver go into a pocket that was factory cut.  I put my telemetry module for monitoring the 3S battery pack in this area too.  The factory provides some lightweight zip ties which do a good job of holding everything in place without having to use any adhesive.  I will clip off the ends of the zip ties once I'm satisfied everything is properly secured and I don't have any changes to make.


bottom view of wing

In the above photo, I will put a couple of dabs of hot glue under the bullet connectors (#1) once I've checked motor rotation and current draw with a prop installed.  #2 and #3 show a pair of plastic coffee stir sticks held in place with a few dabs of hot glue.  These little straws hold the whisker antennas of my FrSky X4R receiver.  It is the easiest method I've found to date to keep the antennas oriented in a horizontal position and 90 degrees to each other.  Distance is your friend when keeping the antennas away from the power leads going to the motor. 


vertical stablizer

Each end of the wing gets a vertical stabilizer (as I call it).  I applied adhesive to both surfaces and let them dry for about 5 minutes.  I used my t-pins again to make sure everything stayed in position while the adhesive dried. 


wing stablizer

I ran a very thin bead of adhesive along the top joint on the inside of the stabilizer.  You don't want it coming off during an unintentional landing at the flying field. 


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