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NitroPlanes - 900mm PopWing

nose/bumper on popwing

To provide some protection to the battery and the electronics, a kind of bumper or nose guard is located directly in front of the battery compartment.  I used adhesive on the piece to secure it in position. 


reinforced wing nose

Another thing that is not in the build document is adding reinforced tape to the nose of the wing.  Based on experience, this is cheap insurance that will help save the nose from an unexpected hit on any object or the ground. 


testing the motor's amp draw with a wattmeter

Any time I pair up a prop and motor, I always check to make sure I'm not exceeding the motor's power specifications.  I use a wattmeter from Astro Flight Inc.  In the photo, the wing is energized but no throttle is being applied.  Trust me when I say it is difficult to hold the wing, control the throttle on the transmitter, and take an focused photo all at the same time. 


RCTimer 2208 1450KV motor

Using a 4 year old Zippy Compact 3S 1300 battery fresh off the LiPo charger, the motor drew 6.55 amps (75 watts) at full throttle.  The RCTimer 2208-14 1450KV motor is rated for 160 watts and with the 6x5E prop, there is no worry about the motor getting too hot.  There is adequate clearance for a 7" prop but my personal experience with the 6" gives me good speed and handling.

As I write this, it is mid-Febrary here in the north country with several feet of snow on the ground.  I'll wait until spring to put this wing in the air but have no reason to believe it won't fly well....much better in fact than patched-up PopWing that it is replacing.  And if you want to see a bigger wing that I also fly, check out my write-up on the Gladiator XL.  It's a LOT bigger. 



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