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E-flite Turbo Timber 1.5

The Turbo comes with six metal gear servos already installed in the plane.  The A370 servo is a 9 gram unit made by Spektrum.  If you are near water and want to try your hand at wet takeoffs and landings, the Turbo includes optional-use floats with steerable rudders.  I live in Minnesota which is known for the thousands of lakes it has.  That being said, the jury is still out as to flying off of the water.  My club has a fun fly, later this year, that is held at a private lakeside airport.  If I get comfortable enough with the Turbo between now and then, maybe I'll strap the floats on and give it a try.

Turbo Timber wingtip strobes

Like the original Timber, the Turbo comes with an already installed LED lighting kit.  OK...so I don't claim to be a great photoshopper so please take my animated gif for what it is.....two pics merged together using a free online application.  The installed LED lights provide a little bit of realism to the Turbo and give you navigation lights, landing lights, beacons and wing-tip strobes.  I haven't flown it late enough in the evening to see how they really look.  One thing I was surprised about was the fact that there wasn't a control signal wire in the harness.  While they attach directly to one of the channels of the receiver, they are only wired for power and no signal.  Really?  How much additional expense would it have been to have included a switch that allows the LEDs to be powered on and off? 


wing mounting plate

The wing is attached to the fuselage by these two nylon screws that go through the wing bracket which holds the two wing halves together.  If there was a complaint about the fit and finish, the area where the two wings join is proabably the one spot where you see gaps.  It is very easy to remove the wing for transport if you don't mind dealing with the plethora of servo and LED power connectors.  There isn't a nice little electrical connector block that makes for a nice and orderly wiring harness.


GPS mounting location in Turbo Timber 1.5

I usually fly my maiden flights with a GPS onboard.  It's not that I'm paranoid but with all the trees we have around here, a downed plane is much easier to locate when you have the lattitude and longitude numbers to plug into your smart phone.  There is a perfect little shelf, for the FrSky GPS receiver, right behind the bracket that ties in the wing.  The GPS communicates with the receiver via the FrSky S-Port.  I had a FrSky MLVSS mini voltage sensor onboard to monitor all the cells in the battery.  It is also connected to the receiver using the S-Port.  The GPS was actually plugged into the voltage sensor's S-Port which was connected to the S8R receiver.


Turbo Timber 1.5 on the ground

Another difference between the original Timber and the Turbo is the stiffening of the wing.  The wing surface is essentially laminated with what looks like a giant decal.  A laminated wing surface can provide improved aileron authority, roll rates and better handling. 


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