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E-flite Turbo Timber 1.5

Turbo Timber 1.5 maiden flight

One of my friends caught my Turbo Timber 1.5 on its maiden flight.  It was very well mannered during the takeoff and landing.  I didn't try the flaps until the second flight....more on that later.  With the Admiral 2500 battery slid all the way to the rear of the battery compartment, the plane's CG balanced out just where it was supposed to be.  I just checked the transmitter and all the trims are in their centered positions.  I do believe this is the first plane I've maidened that didn't need any trimming. 

The 4S power plant's motor is an E-flite BL10 800 KV motor.  With the 4S battery upgrade, E-flite opted for a lower KV motor for the Turbo.  With this setup, the Turbo has no problem going vertical and will do so until you decide it is time to let it come back down.  The motor sports a 5mm shaft.  The supplied spinner is plastic but does a nice job of hiding the prop adapter. 

Turbo Timber 1.5 at the flight line

Here I am smiling for the camera after an uneventful maiden flight.  It was a good evening to fly with virtually no breeze.  At this time of the day, the sun is to the pilot's back which means no squinting at your plane. 

As for the flap comment I made earlier, there are a lot "flaps" when you deploy them.  Even at the 50% mark, there are a lot of flaps.  Knowing this, I mixed them with the elevator channel to give me additional down elevator at both the half and full flap positions.  I set up half flaps for takeoff on my second flight.  The Turbo jumped into the air and went nearly vertical.  OOPS!  Before things got entirely out of hand, I reset the flaps back to zero but of course, I had a slow delay programmed in so I still had a couple seconds of chaotic flying before things settled down.  Lesson learned.....double the values and try again.  LOL!  


Turbo Timber taxiing off the field

Taxiing off of the field after the second flight.  My flight wasn't anything too amazing, other than the takeoff.  I circled the field at a moderate speed, doing loops and rolls and vertical climbs at times.  I brought the plane in after about five and a half minutes and then checked the battery.  Total charge was at 73%, meaning I'll have nearly 15 minutes of flight time assuming the same style of flying.  I thinking that I'll see about 10 minutes with the 2500 mAH battery once I grow more comfortable with the plane.


Turbo Timber 1.5

While I've bought only a few PNP planes, the Turbo Timber 1.5 has been the best to fly.  I have a few I don't fly very often because they are somewhat ill mannered and not fun to fly.  After all, being "fun to fly" is what this hobby is all about, right?  I look forward to making a few mixer changes to better manage the use of flaps.  I ordered another Admiral battery last night since this one work well.  Time will tell how it will last but I'm hopeful this might be a brand worth sticking with.  They cost more than what I've been paying but flying a battery with a weak cell takes away from that fun to fly thing, for sure.  I would recommend this plane to most anyone that wants a 60" plane that has plenty of power but is easy to fly.



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