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CO2 Tank System


A quick trip to the bathroom resulted in one hair dryer, the remaining "tool" I needed to complete this project.  I must admit that this is the first time I've done something in relation to my TJ where my wife's sewing room and the bathroom yielded the necessary tools needed for the project. 

Take it easy with the hair dryer.  Keep it moving and don't focus too much heat in one spot for too long.  I found that working my way around the tank and shrinking the material a little at a time and then moving on seemed to work the best.  Todd includes two sleeves with each graphic and the truth be known, my first attempt was not as good as I wanted it to be.  So, I peeled it off with a razor knife and used the second sleeve.  Attempt number two was much better.


So there it is with the sleeve shrunk around the tank.  On mine, the sleeve actually catches the edge of the tank, both at the upper and lower edge of the graphic.  So it is on there very well to say the least.  I don't see it sliding around or coming loose. 

You can view all of Todd's handy work at www.scubahides.com.  You can order one one-line for just $20 or call 800-375-4628 ext. 88.  If your 4x4 club or business is interested in a custom design, Todd can make those too in quantities as small as 10 for just $25 each.  Get in touch with him for details on the kind of graphic he needs from you, etc.  I think it would look pretty sharp if a club had all of their tanks covered with their logo.  What I'm personally hoping for is that Todd sees a good amount of interest from the 4x4 folks and starts making some regular offerings that are targeted towards our hobby. 

So the next time you are at the air-up spot, I hope your CO2 tanks looks as good as mine.  If it doesn't, you got all the information you need to correct the problem.   A big thanks to Todd too for answering all of my questions. 

Remember to TREAD Lightly! 




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