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QuickAir 3 Pics

Added:  06/02/2002

I was opening my e-mail and found a note from a Jeeper, John Nicewonger,  who had contacted me earlier about my QuickAir 2 setup.  John ended up doing a QuickAir 3 install on his TJ and was nice enough to send a couple of pics my way (using his new digital camera).  I've included his comments from the e-mail.  One thing for sure, John as used up most of the available space under the hood.....looks good!


John wrote:

The most important thing is the brackets.  Once the factory Air Box is gone you actually get to use 2 of the existing factory holes, you drill ONE hole in the fender well and the final bolt only goes into the bracket (that's the one nearest firewall and nearest engine).  The bracket is held on with some pop rivets at the bottom using 3 small holes (drilled) in a V design.  Notice that in the front of the Compressor there is no bracket at all, instead a piece of Nylon (forgot what that's called) was used with a long bolt going right down through the foot of the compressor mounting and through the wheel well)  I believe one could replace that particular piece (probably not available to most) with a very heavy duty piece of PVC 80 or whatever its called and use a washer and bolt.  Or even two pieces of PVC one inserted in the other and glued then the bolt down through.

On another point, did you notice that PUMP in front of the QAIII?  That's the pump for my ON BOARD SHOWER.  Really NICE for camping. 



Added:  05/02/2004

I got an e-mail from another QA3 user today, Bill Echols.  He belongs to the same 4x4 club as does John (above).  Bill mentioned that he installed his QA3 in the rear of this vehicle (similar to the way I did my QA2) after he spoke with John and another club member who both have their QA3s under the hood.  It seems the heat build up, after a day of wheelin', causes some issues with the QA3.  John did not go into detail but I would assume it is over heating.  If so, that is NOT a good thing to have happen to these electric motors and pumps.


Here is a pic of Bill's install.  As you can see, he mounted the QA3 onto an aluminum plate.  Nice clean install and it won't be sucking up the engine heat all day long before you need to use it to inflate your tires.  Thanks Bill for the update information!

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