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Trail Fix for Synthetic Winch Line

Things usually go wrong at the least convenient time....or so it seems.  You can prep your Jeep as much as you want but sometimes things will break on the trail.  Nothing is bullet proof and everything can break.  It may have nothing to do with a missed maintenance schedule....but it may have everything to do with poor inspection practices.  Or....it could be that you didn't heed the advice about making sure your winch plate opening didn't have any sharp edges on it. 

Whatever the reason, this write-up runs through a repair scenario for your winch line.  Jon, owner of Winchline.com, did a number of these repairs at the WERock event in Globe, Arizona this past month.  He did a few on the TXT Racing vehicles and spent some time showing me how it is done.  I've done one since then and it worked just like it was suppose to. 

Note:  This technique is for Amsteel Blue 12 strand line, which is used for making Viking winch line.


So.....the line has failed near the end where your winch hook is attached.  It looks pretty ratty at this point and reattaching the thimble and hook at this point wouldn't be a good choice.  You will have to go back down the line until you get to a point where the line is in better condition. 


Work your way back from the end of the line until the line quality is looking better.  Cut the line at this point and discard the cut off portion.


A metal blunt pointed fid is used to splice the line.  For 3/8" line, it is about 8" long.  If you don't have a fid with you, a BIC ball point pen will work as a suitable substitute....most are about 2" shorter than the fid so keep this in mind if you use it for making your measurements.  Measure back one fid length from the end of the freshly cut line and mark it with a Sharpie marker.


At the mark you just made, mark three pairs of strands in the line, as shown above.  Once, marked, you will cut them and then pull them out of the line.  The point in doing this is so that the end of the line becomes tapered for its insertion into the line in the following steps. 


OK....you have them marked so let's get going.  Using a sharp scissors, snip each of the 6 strands and pull them out of the line.  To clarify, you are pulling 6 strands, each one about 8" long, out of the rope. 

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