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Trail Fix for Synthetic Winch Line


Push the end of the fid between the strands of the rope and start it down the center of the winch line.  You are now going towards the winch, so to speak.  If you bunch of the winch line a bit, it is easier to get the fid to find its way down the middle of the winch line.  Take your time as you fish the fid through the center of the winch line.  You don't want the fid's point to "pop out" between the strands.....keep it totally within the center of the winch line.


Work the fid down center of the winch line while you slide the winch line along the newly inserted rope.  Having an extra hand or two, while not necessary, can come in handy. 


Continue to smooth the outer line over the newly inserted piece until all of the line has been ran down the center of the winch line.  You should be able to see the #2 mark just buried at the point where it goes into the main line.  Push the fid out of the side of winch line, remove the tape, and then smooth everything back into place.  The end of your line, where it attaches to the thimble, will be a little "fatter" for 3 fid lengths.  This stuff works like the old "Chinese finger pull".  The winch line, when put under tension, squeezes down onto the inner line and grips it firmly in place. 


Since this was a trail fix, we didn't stitch the end of the line together, which Samson requires for the Amsteel Blue rope.  Their web site shows how to stitch the line (easy enough to do).

That is about it.  After you've done a couple of them, you'll find it pretty straight forward.  Samson has good info on their site for end to end line splicing.  I've not done one yet but have read through their write-up. 

Many thanks to Jon from Winchline.com for giving me a first hand demonstration of how to splice a thimble eye.

Good trails and remember to TREADLightly!




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