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Viking Offroad Synthetic Winch Line


I took the opportunity to pose this photo so you could see the manner in which the safety thimble prevents your finger(s) from being sucked into the rollers.  I suppose you could wrap your fingers around the back surface of the winch thimble, where it contacts the rollers, and in doing so manage to pinch yourself.  If you do, I suggest you don't tell anyone just how you managed to pull that one off.....I would be embarrassed to say the least. 


With the Viking synthetic line spooled onto the drum, all that remained was the application of the Winchline.com decal.  I have it on good authority that if you skip this step, there is a high probability that your vehicle recovery system will not perform as well as it should.  You've gone this far.....don't wimp out now! 


With the safety thimble looped over one of the tow hooks, I was done and called this project a wrap!  I'm looking forward to trying out the new line on the trail.  Moab is a bit over 3 weeks away.  Perhaps Donna and I will find something there to winch up and over. 

Many thanks to Jon for his excellent customer service and a quality product.  I appreciate the time spent answering my questions and providing options for the recovery equipment.  As with many of my write-ups, I'll try to provide an update further down the road when I get a chance to use this on the trail. 

Good trails and remember to TREADLightly!

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