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Round #2


Tranfer case mods:

photo One of my first decisions was to go with a Tera 4:1 reduction kit for the transfer case.  Even in my present configuration (32" tires and Tera 2T lift), life on the more challenging trails would have been easier had I been able to crawl along at a slower pace.  The 4.56 gears that I installed last year helped a lot, but they just didn't provide me with the slow crawl speed I wanted.  The Tera 4:1 has been in production for the NP-231 transfer case now for several years.  Several of my friends run them and are very pleased with the results.  As you can see, it is pretty much an entire assembly that simply replaces the front portion of the transfer case.  The picture to the left is a "typical" photo of your 4:1 kit.  It is not the exact one that you will get for your TJ.


photo With the 4:1 kit will go the Tera 2LO kit.  The 4:1 kit requires the transfer case to be opened up for installation (actually, you replace a significant portion of the factory t-case).  Since it is going to be open, I thought the installation of the 2LO kit would be money well spent.  The 2LO kit provides the t-case with one more mode....that being 2WD low range.  This will give me the benefit of my new found 75:1 crawl ratio with just the rear axle being driven.  This will be very helpful for the upcoming Moab trip.  Turning those tight trail corners on the slick rock will be much easier now.  With the Detroit Locker in the rear axle, 2LO will make for a very practical modification.

There are two major parts to the Tera 2LO kit.  The new range fork (show on the left) and the new sector assembly (shown on the right).  The installation is composed of just replacing the existing range fork and sector assembly with the new parts.  The result is an additional position on the t-case shifter....a 2L position that is located just after the 4L position. 



photo To take care of the vibrations that will come as a result of the 4"+ lift, I am installing a Rubicon Express (RE) Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) and a CV Driveshaft (show on the left). 

For this part of the project, I was able to skip the modification of the t-case because I bought a low mileage, SYE modified, transfer case from a local Jeeper.  He recently upgraded to an Atlas II t-case, so we made a deal for his NP-231 case with the already attached SYE and CV driveshaft. 

By doing it this way, it will be much easier to install the 4:1 and 2LO kits since the recipient t-case is already sitting in my garage and I won't be under any pressure to get it done ASAP so I can drive the Jeep again.


Suspension mods:

For the lift components, I have settled on components from two manufacturers.  For the springs, I chose 4" Procomp coils for both ends.  These coils differ from those made by RE or Tera in that the coils are more tightly spaced which results in a higher coil count   I compared these to a picture of the 4.5" RE coils and the Procomp coils had 40% more coils in the spring.  These 4" coils provide 4" of lift after installation, in contrast to the 4.5"~5" often times obtained from RE or Tera springs.  With a higher coil count, the coils are suppose to work less when being flexed.  In the long run, they should provide a longer spring life than many of the other brands (time will tell).



The above work will all be done with the existing 32" BFG MTs in place.  Once I get everything running up to spec (ie., driveshaft vibes taken care of, front end aligned, etc.), I'll be swapping the tires out for some Goodyear 35" MT/Rs.  I purchased three used 35" MT/Rs from a Jeeper in Tucson the other day.  I realize that sounds kind of funny.  You are thinking....."Doesn't he need four?"  Actually, I need five because my existing 32" spare would not work as is.  So, I'll mount one of the used MT/Rs as my spare and pick up two new ones (or used ones if I come across them between now and then) for the other axle.  At that point, I'll slip in the previously mentioned coil spacers to provide the additional clearance the MT/Rs will require. 


OK....so I am wondering just what they will look like once installed on Lady.  Hmmm......not too bad.  As you can see, they will eat up a lot of the available fender well space.  Having an extra 1.5" of clearance beneath the differentials will really be nice too. 


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