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Round #2

I took the day off from work.  I had an extra coming to me and the weather man was actually forecasting sunshine for a couple of days.  I had missed the last weekend and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity for this one.  Alan (from my t-case and track bar work) was coming over about mid-morning and a local Jeeper (Michael) had made arrangements with me via e-mail to spend the day helping.  Michael has a YJ.  He was looking to get some wrenching experience and since he was new in the Phoenix area, this was a great way to meet another Jeeper.  Plus, I would not turn down the opportunity to get another pair of hands under there to help with the control arms and other items.

By the time the guys had showed up, I had Lady parked in the driveway with the front end on jack stands and the tires off.  The Tera 2T springs were first on the list of things to remove.  We supported the front axle with the floor jack and unbolted the lower shock mounts.  I had already unpinned the Tera QDs and folded them up out of the way.  With the shocks removed, the was able to drop a bit further which would make pulling the springs easier.


The above picture shows me pointing at the bump stop.  The bump stop is physically pulled out of the bump stop cup.  A 16 mm socket with an extension was used to remove the bolt holding the cup and 1" Tera aluminum bump stop spacer.  The wider spacing on these Tera 2T springs allowed us to remove all of these parts before removing the spring.


Here is a picture of the spring compressors in place.  I haven't starting tightening them yet.  Some Jeepers don't use spring compressors and claim they are dangerous, etc.  I did one spring install without using them and in my opinion, that WAS dangerous.  I find that if you take your time and locate the compressors properly on the spring (and lock them in place with the sliding safety pins), they do a fine job.  I have done about 6 pairs of springs this way and find it to be much better than using pry bars and such.


With several inches of the compressor bolts now protruding out of the bottom clamps, the spring can be lifted off of the lower pedestal with one hand.  It just doesn't get much easier than this.  


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