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Round #2

With the Tera springs now removed, we gave some thought to the bump stop requirements.

Bump stops serve two very important tasks....they limit the amount of spring compression which keeps your tires out of the fender wells, and they stop over compression of your springs.  When the latter happens too much, your springs will fatigue and start to sag.  At that point, your only option is to spend more money on springs and start over again (hopefully this time with the proper length bump stop).

Since I was installing 4" springs, I ordered a set of front bump stop extensions from RE.  I got the ones they use for their 4.5" lift kit.  I had already decided to leave the extra 1.75" of spacer (factory isolator and Tera 3/4" spacer) in place, I also decided to leave the 1" Tera extensions in place (these came with my 2T lift).  All total, I would have 3" of additional bump stop extensions.  The 2" RE extension installs on the lower spring pedestal with a self tapping bolt.  I had previously drilled these holes out so I pulled out the spare nuts and bolts box from the TJ and found a couple of suitable grade 5 bolts to use instead of the self tapping ones.  


Once the parts were all in order, the upper bump stop and extension were reassembled.  I opted not to bolt in the lower RE extension until after the spring was in place.  Doing so before that would require an additional 2" of spring compression which is not needed and a pain to do.  The photo above shows the new 4" Procomp spring just after it was slipped into place.  As I was moving the spring into place, I slipped the RE extension up into the spring coils and slip everything into place.  A few more turns of the compressor screws and the coil will be completely in place.


Here is the efforts of our labors.  Yeah....that stock shock looks pretty darn short!  With the new RE upper adjustable arms installed, we measured for shock length.  Full droop to bump stop engagement was right at 8" of travel.  Once the new tires are in place, I'll see how that works out.  There will probably be a little bit of tweaking of the spacers, bump stops, adjustable arms, etc. before everything is as it should be.  I'm looking forward to getting Lady out on the trail and getting the springs broke in. <grin>


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