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Round #2


The above picture is a close up of the factory lower shock mount on my D44 rear axle.  I have removed the shock and put the bolt back into place for this picture.  As you can see, the area circled in yellow as been deformed over time by a few rock hits.  Anyone owning a TJ knows the vulnerability of these poor shock mounts as they stick out below the axle.  Since I was going to be installing a set of Tera shock relocation brackets, I had to clean up this damaged area since it would prevent the bracket from properly seating in the factory mount.  I use a heavy duty punch and a 3 lb. hammer to "knock" this pushed in area of the mount back into place.  A few minutes with a file resulted in a clean and smooth surface that would allow the Tera bracket to fit properly into the area.


Once the damaged area was restored to normal, the Tera bracket could be slipped into the factory bracket with a few tamps from the hammer.  On the back side of the bracket, a 3/8" grade 5 bolt screws into the bracket to hold it securely against the back of the factory bracket.  You can see the tapped hole which the bolt is threaded into from the other side of the bracket.


The original shock mounting nut and bolt is used to secure the new bracket in place and a new bolt is ready to accept the business end of the shock absorber.  I made sure I had the mounts in place before taking the measurements for my new shocks, as I wanted them to be as accurate as possible.


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