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Round #2

Removing the shift sector detent plug

The detent pin must be removed.  The detent pin is what engages the notches on top of the shift sector and keeps everything locked into the right position.  In the above picture, I am holding the plug, spring, and detent pin next to the threaded hole it was just removed from.

Closeup view of the shift rail and mode fork and sleeve

The above picture is a good view of the mode fork, shift rail, and the mode sleeve.  When you look at the inside workings of the t-case, you should be able to see how the mode sleeve travels back and forth and engages the gear that causes the front output shaft to turn.  Again, be careful to keep control of that mode sleeve as it easily slips out of the mode fork.

Closeup of mode sleeve and associated gears

I included the above picture just to provide another view of how things fit together.  In this show, I have the mode sleeve almost completely removed from the gear on which is mates.  The gear with large gaps between the teeth (just in front of the drive chain) is the gear that drives the front output shaft.  When the mode sleeve travels back towards the chain, it engages that gear and locks it with the gear just in front of it.  At that point, you are in 4WD.  The position of the range fork will determine if you are in HI or LO range.

Removing the shift lever from the shift sector shaft

In this picture, I have removed the shift lever from the end of the shift sector shaft.  Set it aside as you will be using it when you put everything back together.

Remove the o-ring and nylon bushing from the shift sector shaft hole

Gently push the shift sector shaft into the housing a little ways.  There is a nylon bushing and an 0-ring that you must remove from the end of the hole.  Clean these off and put them with the other parts that will be going into the new rear case.  Remember that the o-ring goes in first and then the nylon bushing.

Removing the shift sector from the front case

From the inside of the case, gently pull the shift sector out of the shaft hole.  You might have to wiggle it around a bit to get it to clear everything, but it will come out without much trouble.  Hang in there....you are almost done scavenging the parts from the old rear case.  Just a couple more parts and you will be officially half way done with the project!


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