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TJ Toe-in Alignment


The last thing you need to do is center your steering wheel with your wheels pointing straight ahead.  This is done by turning the adjusting sleeve by the pitman arm. (remember, you loosened the two bolts in it on the last page) 

Before removing the jack stands, point the tires straight ahead (well, OK....as straight as you can make them).  Have your friend watch the steering wheel as you turn the adjusting sleeve on the drag link.  As you turn it, the  steering wheel will adjust back to the centered position.  If the wheel is going in the wrong direction, turn the adjusting sleeve the other way.

When you think you have it centered as good as you can get it, tighten the bolts in the adjusting sleeve and take it for a short test drive.  Note the position of the steering wheel while driving straight down the road.  If it is off just a bit, back to the driveway you go for another quick adjustment (loosen the two bolts on the drag link adjusting sleeve and rotate it as necessary to center the steering wheel.  You might have to do this a couple of times....adjustment, test drive, adjustment, test drive....until the Jeep is going nice and straight and your wheel is properly centered. 

That is it!  Congratulations, you have just set your vehicle's toe-in and you saved some money while doing it.  If you change your suspension again, take a few minutes and repeat this procedure to verify your toe-in is set properly.  It is easy to do and your tires will love you for it! 

Good trails and remember.....TREADLightly!




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