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Currie Heavy Duty Steering


Once you have your toe-in set to the desired amount, you can attach the steering stabilizer to the drag link.  Bolt the stabilizer to the bracket and loosely attached the bracket to the drag link.  With your steering wheel turned as far to the right as possible, adjust the stabilizer so that a 1/4" of the shaft is exposed.  Tighten the bracket u-bolts. 


Turn the steering wheel to the far left (you should be on the right knuckle's steering stop) and note that there is no binding and that the stabilizer does not max out before you get to the steering stop.  If it does, you will need a different stabilizer.  I am using the Rancho RS-5000 OEM replacement and it had no problem going lock to lock. 


The last thing you need to do is center your steering wheel with your wheels pointing straight ahead.  This is done by turning the adjuster by the pitman arm.  We removed the jack stands and the wood blocks and put the tires back on the ground with the tires pointing straight ahead (well, OK....as straight as we could make them).  Les watched the steering wheel as I turned the adjuster.  Slowly, the steering wheel came to the center position.  I took it for a short test drive and found that the wheel was just slightly off to the right.  Back in the driveway, I again turned the adjuster until the wheel was centered.  You might have to do this a couple of times....adjustment, test drive, adjustment, test drive....until the Jeep is going nice and straight and your wheel is properly centered. 

I tightened the clamps on the drag link adjuster, filled the remaining three fittings with grease, and called the project a success!  Many thanks to Scott and Les for their help.  I know that Scott's toes were getting cold (he kept reminding us of that) but I am not sure why that was happening.  Granted, it was the coldest day we had seen this winter (yeah, there was even some frost on the lawn this morning) and the humidity was up from last nights rain shower.  With Christmas just a few days away, I feel like I got to cheat and opened one of my presents early.

On a side note, I am thinking that Les might be doing this upgrade in a little bit.  He is running the factory tie-rod and 35" tires.  We noticed this morning that he had sold his aluminum wheels and put black rock crawlers on his TJ.  He admitted that he was expecting his wheels to be taking more of a beating in the future....so yeah, I think it is time for him to get his steering up to speed for the harder trails. 

Once I get some road and trail time on the Currie hardware, I'll do an update here and let you know what I think about it.  Given that it is s Currie product, I don't expect anything but good performance.





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