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Power Steering Pump Cooler


The hose clamps were used to secure the mounting bracket to the cross member.  The lower pressure hose was attached to the cooler and routed back into the engine compartment.  The short section of hose that connects the steering box to my PS fluid in-line filter was removed and the cooler's hoses were slipped over the fittings and the hose clamps were snugged down. 


Here is a head on view of the cooler.  As I mentioned earlier, there will be very little air flow over the fins at low speed.  But the cooler will still dissipate some of the heat and that will be good for the fluid. 

After taking a few minutes to bleed the air from the power steering lines, I took the TJ for a test drive after finishing the hose hookups.  When I got back, I carefully checked the cooler....yep, it was warming up.  I checked the fluid reservoir again and added just a bit more fluid.  The project was finished!

There are most likely dozens of ways by which to add a power steering cooler to a TJ.  This is but one method that I believe will suit my needs.  I wish you good luck if you should decide to add one to your vehicle. 

Good trails and remember to TREAD Lightly!




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