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Cross-Over Steering


Time to mount the knuckles on the inner-Cs.

To install the knuckles, stick them on and bolt them up. Be sure the grease boot is on the ball joint first. Bolt them up, torque them down, and install the cotter pin. Now would be a good time to grease them.

Now would be a good time to paint the TBT bracket.



When finished installing the knuckles and painting, it should look something like this.

Once the knuckles are installed you re-install the axle shafts, discs, calipers, etc. Torque everything down as you put it together so you do not have to come back and do it.



When everything has been installed and the paint has dried. Go ahead and lower the axle back down and install the passenger bump stop, spring, and shock.  When those are on, put the jack stand back under the axle. 

Now that the hard stuff is done, it is time to move on putting the new steering arms and traction bar on. Because the components are aluminum, clean out any burns that may be inside so nothing gets cross threaded during assembly. Before you move forward, find all the jam nuts and install them onto the TRE's, the heim joint, and the bushing joint. When you think you have them cleaned and the jam nuts installed, run the TRE in and out of them using assembly lube to make sure nothing is still in there. Do not force anything!!! I repeat, do not force anything! Keep cleaning them out until you can run each joint in and out completely.

When that has been completed, thread the high misalignment TRE's onto the short alumiflex bar (drag link), not the one that says traction bar. Thread them in all the way evenly on each side. This will allow you to have the maximum thread engagement when you start adjusting them. Do the same with the tie-rod using the short TRE's. When you are done, install the tie-rod onto the passenger and driver side knuckles. Be sure the grease boots are installed, bolt them down, torque them up, install the cotter pins and grease them.



When done, it should look similar to this. 



Now would be a good time to install the new pitman arm provided with the kit. Torque it up after it is put in place.

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