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Currie AntiRock Install


With the large washer and lock washer in place on the bolt, tighten the bolt in the end of the bar.  This will push the arm back onto the bar and put it exactly flush with the end of the bar.  Now tighten the bolt that clamps the arm onto the bar and you'll be good to go.  Repeat this same process on the other end of the bar.


Oops....Les remembers he needs to remove his old sway bar disconnect pins.  They sure did the job for him while he was using them.  I am still thinking about putting an AntiRock on Lady one of these days.  There are still a couple of other things I need to do first. (yeah, the never ending list of mods!)


With the arms at their proper position, measure the distance between the two mounting points.  You will need to select one of the mounting holes in the arm prior to taking this measurement.  If need be, you can always change your mind and use a different mounting arm hole.  It will be a compromise between on-road body roll and off-road flex.  If you have a friend with an AntiRock, you might want to check with him/her and see what they suggest.


Adjust the link to the same dimensions that you measured on the vehicle.  The threads on the links are pretty fine, so you should be able to dial them in so everything matches your measurements.


Insert the link into the arm hole and the hole where the disconnect pin was mounted.  Tighten the mounting bolts and the snug down the jam nuts on the links.  You should check all of your bolts after your first run to make sure none of them have backed off.  It doesn't take long too long for a loose bolt or jam nut to cause a problem.

That is it.  The install is finished and now all you have to do is go out and enjoy your brand new Currie AntiRock bar. 

Remember to TREADLightly!

NOTE:  I finally got around to installing an Anti-Rock on my TJ too.  I picked it up when I joined some friends at Johnson Valley for our Thanksgiving Day 2002 trail run.  As expected, I have fully enjoyed having it.  I run mine at the 2nd softest setting.  I notice that I will lift a tire more on the trail than I previously did.  I also notice that I don't have nearly the body sway when working my way over medium sized rocks and such.  Much better overall control of the vehicle....perhaps even more noticeable for me since I usually run a hard top.  On road....yes, it is softer than the factory sway bar and yes, it does lean more in the corners.  But I drive a Jeep and not a little foreign import like my wife does.  If I want to go fast around the corners, I'll use her car.

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