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D35 Rear Disc Brake Conversion


When you install the new backing plate be aware of it correct side. Your emergency brake cable will only fit one way but it fits perfect. Use the factory retainer tangs to secure the emergency brake cable in the disc backing plate. You will have to modify how the end of the cable attaches to the pull lever.

At this time you can place your axles back into the housing and be careful not to damage the axle seals. Slide the axle all the way so you can replace the C-Clips and then pull them back into place. Install the pinion shaft and secure the lock bolt to factory torque specifications.

Scrape the differential cover and differential to remove all of the old seal. Replace the gasket and bolt it back up. I began to pour my axle fluid back into the diff and when the container was almost empty I poured in the friction modifier so I didn�t get to full and couldn�t pour it in at all.

Put in the plug and your done with the differential.



You're almost done!

Slide that disc on and bolt the caliper up to the backing plate.  Give it one last check and make sure all bolts are in place and snug.

Bleed your brakes and install your tires and give it a test drive.

I noticed it immediately how the brakes responded.  No more drum brake adjustment or wandering if they are working properly.




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