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'98 Jeep TJ Sahara
w/ TeraFlex 2T 2" Suspension Lift


September, 1999

For the folks that were asking about my tires, I am still running my 30" x 9.5" on the 15" x 7" Grizzly wheels.  When these wear out, I'll probably go a bit bigger.  What I would really like to do is re-gear and go to 33" tires.  That is probably a bit down the road (that was what I said a couple months ago about the lift!)







February, 2000

Five months ago, I said I would be running those 30" tires until they wore out and then put on something bigger.  I also wanted to regear and go to 33" tires.   Well, this month, I regreared to 4.56 and installed a Detroit TrueTrac up front and a Detroit Locker in a brand new D44 rear axle.  Oh yeah, I got 32" tires on new rims too.  Well, that is how the Jeep thing goes......Just Empty Every Pocket.




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