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Dash Mounted 12V Switch Panel

Since I was still in the "fitting" stage of the installation, I wasn't concern yet with installing switches, hooking up the wiring harness, etc.  That part would come after I was satisfied with the fit of the bezel and the panel mounting.


Darren positioned the mounting holes on the panel to match the factory holes that held the factory switch module in place.  (thank you!)


I leveled the panel after having lightly snugged the left side mounting screws.  I drilled two mounting holes on the right side and recycled the mounting screws from the factory switch module.   So far, so good....I managed to attach the panel to the dash and it was straight too! 


As I mentioned earlier, I did a couple of test fits with the bezel before I was satisfied with how it fit over the panel.  Each time I would remove a small amount of material, try it again, remove and file it a bit more, repeating the process until I was satisfied.

Next comes the wiring harness hookup, but before that, I need to put a plug in here for Darren's business.

While I was writing this, Darren and I have been exchanging e-mails.  I was giving him feedback regarding how much material I had to remove from the TJ bezel, how the mounting holes lined up, etc.  In the midst of these e-mails, he sends me one that said he had just gotten an e-mail from Ian, one of the co-hosts on Spike's Extreme 4x4.  If you watch Spike TV on Saturdays, you should be familiar with the block of vehicle wrenching shows that come on about mid-day.  Anyway, Ian was scouting parts for an upcoming TJ build.  I had just uploaded a folder of photos on my site for Darren so he could see how things were going.  He showed the photos to Ian so he could see how the panel looked installed in a TJ.  Darren said Ian wanted one for the show. I thought that was pretty cool.  The 12voltguy is indeed the 12 volt guy! 

OK....back to the installation.

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