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York OBA TJ Installation



Figure 9

16. Loosen the inside bolt at the forward end of the fuse/relay (PDC) box.  See Figure 10.



Figure 10

17.  Install the air manifold module and tighten the bolt that holds the fuse/relay (PDC) box to the fender.  See Figure 11.



Figure 11

18.  Create and connect a black wire with a female spade connector at one end and a female bullet connector at the other end to go from the pressure switch to the compressor clutch magnet wire.
19.  Create and connect a red wire with a female spade connector at each end to go from the last relay pole 30/51 (refer to Figure 9 above for relay wire connections) to the pressure switch.  See Figures 12 and 13.



Figure 12



Figure 13

Turn the ignition key and the compressor switch on and check the operation of the compressor clutch.   Aaaaahhhh... the power of a click.  What?  No click?  If no click is heard you will need to check the relay ground wire for proper grounding.  I had this problem and it took just a few minutes to fix.  Got a click? Alright! 

Okay... lets get this baby hooked up.

20.  With 2 - 1/4" NPT male barb hose connectors, 2 - 1/4" NPT female quick connectors, Teflon pipe tape and (according Kilby Enterprises) at least 3' of hose, create an air hose to go from the compressor output to the oil removal filter input.  Check for leaks and install.  See Figure 14.



Figure 14

21.  With 2 - 1/4" NPT male barb hose connectors, a 1/4" NPT female connector, a 1/4" NPT female quick connector and Teflon pipe tape create an air hose to go from the  check valve output connection to the front bumper/air tank.  Check for leaks and install.



Figure 15

22.  With 2 - 1/4" NPT male barb hose connectors, a 1/4" NPT female connector, 1/4" NPT female quick connect and Teflon pipe tape, create an air hose to go from the front bumper/air tank to the air manifold module input.  Check for leaks and install.



Figure 16

23.  Dress all hoses to insure they don't come in contact with sharp edges or moving parts.

Project almost completed.  This was the time I started getting all tingly and had to slow down to insure the job was completed properly.  It was now time to check and recheck all bolts and connections.  Every thing check good?   Time to start the engine, test the system and make final adjustments to the pressure switch and safety valve in accordance with the supplied respective instructions.  I was lucky and the system worked like a champ on the first try.  I was a happy camper.

Last thing to do was apply all weather tape to the connectors on the bumper to keep out dirt and water, stand back and enjoy the new OBA feature my Jeep no sported.  Job well done...

Well, I hope this write-up is a benefit and inspiration to others.  I tried to write this article in such a way that it would be easy to follow and understand even for the not so mechanically inclined.  Hopefully it will inspire those who have wanted to add OBA to their vehicle and never got around to it due mainly in part to the idea that it would be to difficult.  Even for me it was a very intimidating project to take on, so as I went through the process of writing this piece I tried to add some of the pitfalls that one might encounter as well as some added tips. 

Many thanks go out to my wife (Terri) for her help, never ending patience and understanding in this endeavor to accomplish something I thought I could never do.  She was a world of encouragement.  Thanks Babe.

Also, I would like to thank Brad and Robert of Kilby Enterprises for such a great product and for all of their support and technical advice as well as their overwhelming patience with all my not so bright questions.  They were instrumental in the completion of the project and provided the website with all required information to complete the job.  My hat is off to Brad and Robert for their undying patience and infinite wisdom.

Last but not least, a great deal of gratitude goes to Stu Olson for hosting this write-up so that it would be available to all who care to read and benefit from it.  Thanks also Stu, for providing a website to all that contains a wealth of information that has become a standard to be measured by.  Keep on Wheelin...

If there are any problems and you would like to ask questions or would like to contribute tips or advice, please feel free to email (Link - 135boomer@gmail.com) me... Any and all suggestions (good or Bad) would be greatly appreciated.



Air Box Relocation - Daless2's info on the relocation the air box

York Compressors - Manuals and technical Information

Northern Tools - a pretty good source of on-line tools and parts

Kilby Enterprises - OBA Technical Information and Links

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